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Electronic Message Centers

Maximize message impact and attract traffic to your business with an electronic message center. Full-color L.E.D. displays that are able to send out any number of company messages. By using a Watchfire L.E.D. display, the promotional advantages are unlimited.


Advertise Anything, Any Time

  • Store and display a multitude of custom messages 

  • Publicize at a moments notice

  • Schedule messages based on time of day, the day of the week, or month


Grow Business & Impulse Buys 24/7

  • Achieve maximum daily exposure to vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Boost visibility 365 days a year 

  • Create long-term business awareness 

  • Stimulate repeat business 


Save Money 

  • UL Energy Verified 

  • Benefit from decreased utilities, operating expenses, and power consumption 


Promote Business Smarter 

  • Draw attention and customer to your business you might have missed 

  • Increase public awareness of your business with analysis-proven outdoor advertising ​

Watchfire Standard resolution signs 

Watchfire's standard resolution displays are best suited for faster traffic locations that are farther from the roadway and higher above grade.


The affordability of these LED models provide a great opportunity for businesses to choose a larger display and call attention to their location, especially if it isn't visible from the roadway. Even when displayed in out-of-the-way settings or on tall structures, wide-viewing angles makes standard resolution signs a vivid and visible choice. The 19mm is still our most popular model for digital billboards. These LED signs are particularly well-suited for highway and interstate traffic moving at speeds greater than 55 mph.

16 MM

16mm 3.jpg
16mm 2.jpg
16mm 1.jpg

19 MM

19mm 3.jpg
19mm 1.jpg
19mm 2.jpg

Watchfire high resolution signs 

Watchfire’s high resolution 6mm, 8mm and 10mm displays are ideal for locations with significant pedestrian traffic, a nearby busy intersection or traffic congestion. The closer your LED sign is to your audience, the greater the visual impact and messaging flexibility.


The tight pixel pitch on high resolution signs will allow you to display more graphics and content on your sign, even if square footage is limited. Theaters, entertainment venues, sports arenas and shopping malls are just a few examples of businesses using this type of sign to take advantage of close viewing ranges. Our high resolution displays are also well-suited for locations with space constrictions, either because of local zoning ordinances or existing structures.

6 MM

6mm 1.jpg
6mm 2.jpg

8 MM

8mm 3.jpg
8mm 1.jpg
8mm 2.jpg

10 MM

10mm 3.jpg
10mm 1.jpg
10mm 2.jpg

Watchfire monochrome signs 

A Watchfire 19mm monochrome display is an affordable option for businesses and organizations that are looking to replace changeable copy boards. They are also a great option for businesses that must adhere to local zoning ordinances restricting LED displays to text or a single color. 

19mm Mono 2.jpg
19mm Mono 3.jpg
19mm Mono 1.jpg

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