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Industrial & Commercial L.E.D. lighting

We believe that the best lighting products should be complemented by the best service and installation company in your area. When you choose Dobbert Sign and Lighting, our trained professionals are always there to provide you with expert advice and to help you with all your lighting systems requirements.

From your initial FREE lighting consultation to your Focus on Energy Lighting rebates, DSL will be there every step of the way and help you install the most cost-efficient lighting solution for your business. With these new high bay and low bay LED lighting systems, you will immediately notice a dramatic difference in light quality. Our lighting solutions will not only reduce your energy emissions and lower your monthly electric bill, but they will also help with:

  • Improved safety within your business.

  • Increased worker and employee productivity.

  • Enhanced health and best interest of your employees.

  • Reduced greenhouse gas and energy emissions.

When the installation is completed, DSL will ensure that your old lamps, ballasts, and fixtures are disposed of properly with no hassle to you.


Have a maintenance department to install for you? DSL can get you direct manufacturer pricing and help train your employees in the proper techniques for installation. Not only will your new lights be installed correctly, but you can rest easy knowing you saved money up front and will continue saving money for years to come.

Transform your workspace, industrial complex, facility or office with brilliant, energy efficient L.E.D. lights and in-turn, lower your energy costs. Dobbert Sign & Lighting’s energy-efficient industrial and commercial lighting capabilities are custom built to your exact needs. Every detail of your industrial or commercial lighting upgrade is planned with an end goal of better, more energy efficient lighting. Employees, workers, owners, occupants, and residents alike benefit from lower utility bills and improved performance. Dobbert Sign & Lighting installs industrial and commercial lighting solutions for:​


  • Offices

  • Factories

  • Distribution Centers

  • Warehouses

  • K-12 Schools

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Retail

  • Parking Lots & Structures

  • Agriculture & Dairy Farms


LED lighting technology is transforming human activity and proving to be a smart investment for owners and managers of commercial, industrial and retail facilities. Users of LED lighting benefit from cost savings, long product life, intelligent control, virtually no maintenance, and clean technology that supports sustainability initiatives.


Dobbert Sign & Lighting has helped many companies throughout southeastern Wisconsin and elsewhere do just that – switch to energy-efficient LED lighting systems that cut energy consumption, improve system performance and -- by saving real money -- increase the bottom line.

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